About JURIS Conferences

JURIS Conferences is a leading organization developed to promote a discourse between figures in International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution. To date, we have presented over 100 conferences. Our goal is to give interested legal practitioners’ entrée into these fora. As a division of JurisNet, LLC, the leading legal publisher of materials on Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, JURIS Conferences is in a prime position to provide the most accurate and relevant information to those involved in Arbitration and ADR.

The lauded The Leading Arbitrators’ Guide to International Arbitration, Edited by Lawrence W. Newman (JurisNet, LLC) is a compilation of essays by many of the world’s leading International Arbitrators. The grand reception of this book by the International Arbitration community for its insight and willingness to tackle the most difficult issues in International Arbitration lead to the development JURIS Conferences’ inaugural Leading Arbitrators’ Symposium on the Conduct of International Arbitration held in Vienna Austria on March 21, 2005. Subsequently, JURIS Conferences has held many symposia that has only served to expand its reputation as one of the foremost sources of information and problem solving in the International Arbitration community.

JURIS Conferences regularly holds symposia all over the world in cooperation with many leading Legal and Arbitral institutions, and featuring the leading figures of International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in a panel discussion setting with active Conference Attendee participation.

The JURIS Conferences program has developed into one of the leading conduits of information for the International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution community. Topics of discussion in each Conference/Symposia is tailored to the geographic region in which it is being held, as well as the specific talents and specialties of the Faculty Members, allowing for a great spread of insight and animated discussion unique to JURIS Conferences.